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Photo of Joanna Prosser

Featured Volunteer: Joanna Prosser

Joanna Prosser is a dedicated teacher and Protect Minnesota volunteer who worries about the effect school shootings and active shooter drills have on her students. Here are her answers to our questions…

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Terror Again in America

Protect Minnesota stands with and supports its’ LGBTQ friends after the senseless act of terror at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. We are united with people of all races, genders, sexual preference, religious persuasion,

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A photo of a gun in a lock box that is open showing the gun.

Guns Kill People

Guns are the only product sold to consumers that are not regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Guns are designed to inflict harm and kill people (or animals in the case of hunting).

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Finger on computer keyboard getting ready to type.

The Truth About Registration

Let’s talk about the oft promoted myth by the gun lobbyists that closing the private seller loophole in our gun laws will just inevitably and certainly lead to gun registration followed by, of course, confiscation

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Close up of red bell ringing.

Sounding the Alarm Bells

How can we be so cavalier and casual about the recent week-end’s carnage due to shootings? Does the public pay attention any more or have we become numb to what is happening around them?

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Close up of bullets.

About Flying Bullets

There are bullets literally flying around in some of our neighborhoods at will with no end in sight. Eventually they stop but they really don’t know where to stop and sometimes stop in an unintended

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Aerial photo of the Florida Coastline

Florida and Guns

Florida is known for looser gun laws and more gun deaths than many states. It is the home to the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis – the shooters of both young black men claimed as self defense.

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