Protect Minnesota promotes a culture of health and safety for all Minnesotans by preventing gun violence through research, legislation, education, and community investment. 

Hundreds of Minnesotans lose their lives to gun violence every year. Family members, old friends, co-workers, neighbors, loved ones across our state are left reeling and mourning in the wake of these deaths. It doesn’t have to be this way. Minnesotans are calling out for a safer future for everyone in our state.

Protect Minnesota is the only independent, state-based gun violence prevention nonprofit in Minnesota.  We are working to enact effective, evidence-based solutions to gun violence across our state. We give Minnesotans resources to stand against gun violence in their communities through conducting and distributing gun violence research, advocating for gun violence prevention legislation, educating Minnesotans about the root causes of gun violence and how to address them, and investing in the communities that experience the most devastating impacts of gun violence.

For 25 years, Protect Minnesota has represented passionate gun violence prevention activists from around the state demanding a safe, more just Minnesota. Add your voice today and tell our legislators, journalists, community leaders, and fellow Minnesotans that enough is enough, and the time for an end to gun violence in our state is now.

Protect Minnesota is a 501.c3 non-profit organization.
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