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About Us

The NRA protects gun manufacturers but who PROTECTS US? Help us show our legislators, our neighbors, and the NRA that WE MATTER.


Our History

Protect Minnesota was founded in 1991 as a coalition of 16 statewide groups committed to working together to prevent gun violence.  

Originally named Citizens for a Safer Minnesota, the group was instrumental in passing legislation at both the state and national level in the 1990s to keep guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers.

In 2005, Citizens for a Safer Minnesota merged with the Million Mom March chapters in the state. At that time the name was changed to Protect Minnesota (501.c3) and the Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund (501.c4). Now, 27 years after its founding, Protect Minnesota is still the only independent, statewide gun violence prevention organization in Minnesota. And although we are no longer a coalition, we are still committed to working in partnership with non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and law enforcement to prevent gun violence in our state.

Our Mission

Informed by communities throughout Minnesota, Protect Minnesota prevents gun violence through engagement, advocacy, and community led solutions.

Our Vision

PM envisions a state in which the systemic inequities that cause gun violence are eliminated, ending prominent manifestations of gun violence: homicide, suicide, community gun violence, police gun violence.

Our Values

  • Evidence Based
  • Community Centered
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent
  • Sustainable

Our Priorities

Our Communities​

Our resources go directly towards the work of ending community gun violence right here in Minnesota neighborhoods.

Our Families

We’re implementing evidence-based solutions to end the epidemic of firearm suicides across Minnesota.

Our Kids

We’re helping students, teachers, parents, and communities build schools where students can feel safe from firearm violence.

Our Neighbors

We’re ensuring that every gun owner in Minnesota has the tools, resources, and education to practice safe firearm ownership.

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