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Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund supports the mission of Protect Minnesota to prevent gun violence through legislative action and community education. The Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund Board provides leadership for Protect Minnesota’s legislative agenda and works with staff to coordinate Protect Minnesota’s Lobby Day. The Advocacy Fund also fundraises to support our legislative and electoral work. The Advocacy Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, affiliated with the main Protect Minnesota 501(c)(3) organization and also the Protect Minnesota Political Action Fund. Jump to a Section
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Protect Minnesota Action Fund

The Protect Minnesota Action Fund conducts our Super Star & Orange Star Candidate Endorsement process to elect Minnesota legislators who will prioritize the safety of all Minnesotans.

In 2022, we are excited to announce that both our Super Star candidates were elected to the MN Legislature. Additionally, 76% of our endorsed orange star candidates won their elections. Thank you to all the Protect Minnesota volunteers who helped make this possible.

A headshot picture of Bonnie Westlin.

Bonnie Westlin
Senate District 42

A headshot picture of Erin Maye Quade.

Erin Maye Quade
Senate District 56

Legislative Successes

We are thrilled to announce the passage in Minnesota of Extreme Risk Protection Orders, Universal Background Checks, and a 71 million dollar investment in community violence intervention. These vital gun violence prevention measures all passed in the public safety omnibus bill during the 2023 Minnesota legislative session.

Protect Minnesota advocated strongly for these vitally important, sensible gun violence prevention laws. We are so grateful for the volunteers, activists, and legislators who made this victory possible! There is no doubt about it: these laws will save lives and create a safe state for us all.

Large group of people marching in support of laws to reduce gun violence.

Materials and Resources

The documents below were created by Protect Minnesota and its volunteers to offer those interested in gun violence prevention and firearm injury and death reduction a starting place. Our toolkits are designed for specific purposes, so you can find ways to get involved that speak directly to you or the things you want to see accomplished in this space.

Congregational Toolkit

This toolkit serves as a guide to faith-driven people who are looking to get involved in the gun violence prevention movement. Initially conceived by the core members of the Protect Minnesota Interfaith Alliance, our Congregational Toolkit is the best way for people of faith – any faith – to get involved in the gun violence prevention movement, especially if you have never been involved before!

Download the Congregational Toolkit

Download the Facilitators Guide

Advocacy Toolkit

Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund’s ‘Advocacy Toolkit’ was designed to allow you to jump-start your journey as you advocate for safer communities here in Minnesota. You will learn how to contact legislators, write LTEs, and much, much more!

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