Thanks to all the awesome volunteers who helped Protect Minnesota this election. We worked in three targeted Senate Districts (SDs), hoping to help flip the State Senate. To assist our efforts, we also sent Protect MN’s first persuasive mailer to voters in those districts, along with a bonus district.

  • We reached out to nearly 25,000 voters through our field program in Senate Districts 34 (Bonnie Westlin), 44 (Ann Johnson Stewart), and 58 (Matt Little).
  • Our mailer went to over 41,000 voters in SDs 34, 44, 56, and 58.
  • We contacted more than 50,000 voters in an effort to flip the state Senate, through door knocking, phone banking, mailers, and texting.
  • We also launched Protect Minnesota’s first YouTube advertisement, which has been viewed over 21,000 times.
  • We had 88 Orange Star Candidates running for the state House or Senate, and 59 of them won – that’s almost 70%! It is clear that our message resonates with voters.

Although we wanted a net gain of +2 in the Senate, unfortunately, we came up short, with a net gain of +1 seat for the DFL and our Orange Star Candidates. Two Senate races had margins of victory less than 1,000 votes, including a close loss for Orange Star Candidate Bonnie Westlin in SD 34.

Our work helped flip two Republican-held Senate seats over to Orange Star Candidates. In SD 56, Lindsey Port defeated Dan Hall, and in SD 44, Ann Johnson Stewart beat Greg Pulles.

It will be important to keep this momentum going into the 2021 legislative session. Although we didn’t flip the Senate, Republicans hold control by just one seat. We will need your help to push legislators to do the right thing and pass our common sense gun bills.

To hear about our 2021 events, click THIS LINK.

Thanks again for your time and support throughout this challenging year.

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