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Gun violence affects all Minnesotans

Gun violence affects all Minnesotans regardless of age, gender-identity, race, ability, or locale. It is a fundamental issue of injustice in our state. In order to develop and implement effective, meaningful gun violence prevention methods, Protect Minnesota prioritizes and centers the voices of our community. We understand that identifying the needs and developing solutions must come from the communities impacted by gun violence.

Protesters advocating for gun violence reduction and gun law reform.

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How We Collaboratively Impact Change:​


We’re helping change the narrative in Minnesota about how and why firearm injuries and deaths occur.


We work with lawmakers at the local and state level to create legislative change to prevent firearm injuries and deaths.


We’re building a coalition of Minnesotans ready to take action to end gun violence in their communities and governments.


We’re partnering with organizations and community leaders around the state to address the root causes of gun violence.

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