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Protect Minnesota Condemns Crude & Violent Cartoons By Legislative Candidate

Protect Minnesota condemns the crude and violent cartoons created by a legislative candidate.

You read that right. A Republican candidate for the Minnesota Legislature, Donald Raleigh, is responsible for a grotesque series of rough cartoons, called “MY GUN” and credited to Dan + Don. The amateurish cartoons were featured on a website,, which Raleigh owns.

Each of the four-panel cartoons end with gun violence. One “MY GUN” cartoon shows a Girl Scout who is shot while selling cookies. Another shows a blind man being shot. Another cartoon mocks a suicidal man about to kill himself with a gun. The drawings and content are repugnant. Perhaps what’s most appalling is that these wretched images come from someone who could end up voting on sensitive and much needed legislation to prevent gun violence.

Gun violence isn’t funny. Raleigh’s MY GUN cartoons plainly show he lacks the judgment needed to be a legislator. Raleigh is running to represent the House in District 38A against Democrat Kris Fredrick, who is one of Protect Minnesota’s Orange Star Candidates. Fredrick has committed to support legislation to prevent gun violence. The choice is clear.



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