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Require Law Enforcement to Collect and Report Data on Use-Of-Force

  • To understand police violence and respond in evidence-based manners, policymakers and researchers need accurate and timely data on these incidents.
    • This data is an important tool for public accountability; however, law enforcement related deaths are reported only 45% of the time.*
  • The strongest policies require law enforcement to immediately report any use of force.
  • Both the Police Executive Research Forum and the Major Cities Chiefs Association recommend that law enforcement report their data to the FBI’s National Use-of-Force Data collection.**
  • While Minnesota currently mandates that local law enforcement report all uses of force that result in fatalities, serious bodily injuries, or where a firearm was discharged, other uses of force aren’t included.***
  • This policy should include required reporting for choke-holds, kicking or striking a person, and more.



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