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Require Gun Owners to Report Lost or Stolen Firearms

  • Researchers estimate that nationwide, over 380,000 guns are stolen from private citizens annually.
  • Currently 15 states and Washington DC require that gun owners report when their firearms are stolen or lost.*
  • This reporting structure allows for a better understanding of how many firearms are stolen and can help in investigations of gun trafficking.**
  • Studies have shown a reduction of 46% in illegal gun movement when lost or stolen firearm reporting is required.***



* Lost and Stolen Reporting. (2022, August 29). Everytown Research & Policy.

**Kohrman, M. (2017, November 20). Only 11 States Require Gun Owners to Report Stolen Weapons to Police. The Trace.

***Kahane, L. H. (2012). Understanding the Interstate Export of Crime Guns: A Gravity Model Approach. Contemporary Economic Policy, 31(3), 618–634.



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