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Create a Statewide Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention

  • States across the nation are creating individual offices to assess the local landscape of gun violence.
  • These offices are critical in serving as leaders of statewide administration and coordination.*
  • They can pursue federal funding for violence prevention, coordinate existing resources across state agencies, and help coordinate and support local efforts to address gun violence in particular communities.
  • These offices can also serve a key educational role of teaching about firearm safety, state laws, and regulation.
  • Currently in Minnesota, Minneapolis has the Office of Violence Prevention, and St. Paul has the Office of Neighborhood Safety, however no office is in place at a statewide level.**



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Duluth Roundtable

Please join Protect Minnesota later this month in Duluth for an important conversation. As we’re gearing up for the 2023 elections and the 2024 legislative session, it’s more important than ever that the gun violence prevention community has the chance to connect with each other, share our priorities, and voice our hopes for the coming months and years.

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