Minnesota Firearm Facts

Protect MN 2022 Firearm Violence Infographic.

Key Facts

  • 88% of homicides in Minnesota are committed by firearm
  • 572 Minnesotans died by a firearm
    • 504 males died by a firearm
    • 68 females died by a firearm
  • Firearm deaths have no boundaries
    • 268 people in Greater Minnesota died
    • 304 people in the Twin Cities and suburbs died
  • Unrestricted access to firearms increases the risk of death from suicide among men by 4x
  • 100+ Minnesota Veterans died by suicide by firearms
  • 391 Minnesotans died from suicide by firearms
  • 12 Minnesotans were shot by law enforcement
  • #1 cause of death among children is firearms
  • 24 Number of children killed with a firearm in Minnesota



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Extreme Risk Protective Orders

Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPO’s) or better known as Red Flag Laws keep those that pose a risk to themselves or others from purchasing firearms. Learn why these laws are important and how they save lives.

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