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Empower State Agencies To Improve Oversight Of Local Industry

  • Guns being trafficked into or within Minnesota play a key role in violence inside the state. It is imperative that agencies with oversight of Minnesota’s 1,655 federally licensed gun dealers adopt strong safeguards.*
  • The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is considerably understaffed and paces well behind the inspection rate goal that has been set.
  • 15 states and Washington DC have worked to close this inspection gap and create licensing requirements of their own. States with these requirements have seen 64% lower rates of gun trafficking.**
  • Minnesota could require gun dealers to obtain a license from the state to provide greater oversight of activities that would eliminate those acting negligently or maliciously. This would reduce gun trafficking within the state.***
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***Model Laws for a Safer America: Seven Regulations to Promote Responsible Gun Ownership and Sales. (2011, September). (Model Laws D. Model Law Regulating Firearms Dealers and Ammunition Sellers)



Duluth Roundtable

Please join Protect Minnesota later this month in Duluth for an important conversation. As we’re gearing up for the 2023 elections and the 2024 legislative session, it’s more important than ever that the gun violence prevention community has the chance to connect with each other, share our priorities, and voice our hopes for the coming months and years.

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Protesters advocating for gun violence reduction and gun law reform.

2023 Legislative Successes

We are thrilled to announce the passage in Minnesota of Extreme Risk Protection Orders, Universal Background Checks, and a 71 million dollar investment in community violence intervention. These vital gun violence prevention measures all passed in the public safety omnibus bill during the 2023 Minnesota legislative session.

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