Prohibit Firearms In Government Buildings And Places Essential To Democracy

  • Current Minnesota law requires people to notify the Department of Public Safety before bringing a gun into the state capitol.*
  • 80% of Minnesotans support banning firearms in places that are essential to democracy.
  • Many states have enacted laws that restrict people from carrying firearms in places where doing so undermines democracy.
  • 12 states prohibit public carrying of firearms, whether open or concealed, on the grounds of their state capitols, and 24 have policies prohibiting public carry of long guns on some portion of capitol grounds.**
  • Minnesota currently prohibits guns in judicial buildings, but the state could further secure democracy by prohibiting public carrying of firearms in all government buildings including the state capitol, polling places, and at licensed public gatherings.



*Sec. 609.66 MN Statutes. (2022).

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Female judge holds gavel on red background.

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