Foster Models of Co-Response and Non-Police Alternatives for Emergency Calls

  • Thousands of Minnesotans call 911 each day for a variety of calls, not all of which require armed police. At times, an armed officer can escalate the situation.
  • To reform this system, jurisdictions across the US have introduced alternative forms of 911-response that focus on handling behavioral health and non-emergency calls.
  • In 2021, Minnesota passed Travis’ Law, which required mental health crisis response teams to be dispatched by 911 for mental health calls when available.
  • Unfortunately, insufficient funding, inadequate geographic coverage, and current norms have led to poor enforcement of this policy.*
  • The state of Minnesota must work to audit, expand, and support these programs across the state.**



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Orenstein, W. (2021, December 20). What one Greater Minnesota city’s experience says about the state’s efforts to integrate mental health and police work … MinnPost.

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