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Fund Strategies That Focus on the People and Places Most Vulnerable to Community Violence

  • The most effective and widely known community violence intervention programs engage directly with the people, groups, and situations at highest risk for being involved with gun violence.
    • 80% of Minnesota support these initiatives.
  • These programs can be based in government, in hospitals, or in community organizations, and evidence shows they can reduce violence substantially with consistent funding.
  • Community violence intervention strategies can also include efforts to focus on the physical spaces most vulnerable to violence.*
  • In Philadelphia, for example, the restoration of vacant lots led to a 39% reduction in firearm assaults.** While Minneapolis and St. Paul have programs like these, the State of Minnesota can do more to promote these programs statewide.
  • The American Rescue Plan sets aside $350 billion in state and local funding for these critical programs. So far, Minnesota has barely touched its share.***



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Duluth Roundtable

Please join Protect Minnesota later this month in Duluth for an important conversation. As we’re gearing up for the 2023 elections and the 2024 legislative session, it’s more important than ever that the gun violence prevention community has the chance to connect with each other, share our priorities, and voice our hopes for the coming months and years.

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