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Fund Strategies That Focus on the People and Places Most Vulnerable to Community Violence

  • The most effective and widely known community violence intervention programs engage directly with the people, groups, and situations at highest risk for being involved with gun violence.
    • 80% of Minnesota support these initiatives.
  • These programs can be based in government, in hospitals, or in community organizations, and evidence shows they can reduce violence substantially with consistent funding.
  • Community violence intervention strategies can also include efforts to focus on the physical spaces most vulnerable to violence.*
  • In Philadelphia, for example, the restoration of vacant lots led to a 39% reduction in firearm assaults.** While Minneapolis and St. Paul have programs like these, the State of Minnesota can do more to promote these programs statewide.
  • The American Rescue Plan sets aside $350 billion in state and local funding for these critical programs. So far, Minnesota has barely touched its share.***



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