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Protect Minnesota Statement on Police Accountability and Public Safety

The murder of George Floyd continues to mobilize our community.

The legislature is considering plans to protect Minnesotans from police violence. We support the set of public safety proposals from the Minnesota People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus.

Please ask your legislators to support the POCI package of criminal justice reform bills to hold police accountable. Find your legislators here.

As an organization rooted in public health, Protect Minnesota believes that the issue of gun violence cannot be decoupled from the systems in which this violence occurs, including the manner in which justice is administered.

George Floyd’s murder has brought the urgent need for policing and criminal justice reform to the forefront of Protect Minnesota’s attention, as it has similarly changed the priorities of our local and state governing bodies. As a gun violence prevention organization, we know preventing police violence is an integral part of our work. We seek to transform systems built on oppression and violence. We commit to follow the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-led efforts to promote public safety and strengthen our communities and connections to one another.

We ask Protect Minnesota members to join us in listening, reading, learning, and taking intentional actions that dismantle systemic racism. Here are a few of the many resources available:

MPD 150
Minnesota’s Decades-Long Failure to Confront Police Abuse
I was a police chief stopped by my own officer, after Floyd we need changes at all levels
Anti-racism resources
America, This is Your Chance

Ours is a statewide organization and we want to hear from — and connect with — more Minnesotans. We accept that change will take uncomfortable conversations and hard work. We are ready for both.

We hope you will join us in doing the work of making Minnesota safer for all.

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Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund Board of Directors

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The Ricochet of Gun Violence

This event on the impact of gun violence in community, is being held in the MAAHMG’s exhibit Full Circle, The Ricochet of Gun Violence. The program will blend art and policy to pose solutions to the stubborn problem of gun violence.

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Duluth Roundtable

Please join Protect Minnesota later this month in Duluth for an important conversation. As we’re gearing up for the 2023 elections and the 2024 legislative session, it’s more important than ever that the gun violence prevention community has the chance to connect with each other, share our priorities, and voice our hopes for the coming months and years.

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