The Concert Across America — Volunteer!

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Here are some ways you can help assure this event captures the attention of the media, voters, candidates and law makers:

1) Got 15 minutes? Call two of your best friends and get them to buy tickets to attend the Concert with you.

2) Got one hour? Encourage your faith community or other organizations you’re part of to become an organizational sponsor by making a $250 or $500 gift to help underwrite costs and committing to promote the event widely.

3) Got 2 hours between now and September 15? Sign up as an individual volunteer to help promote the concert and sell tickets. Tickets are only $15 each and kids and students are free! We hope to recruit 100 volunteers who will commit to selling just 10 tickets each.

4) Got a passion burning in your soul to stop gun violence? Let us know how you’d like to help and we’ll find you the perfect job.

To volunteer, email us at [email protected]

Let’s make some noise! Let’s register some voters! Let’s Protect Minnesota!

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