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 Protect Minnesota promotes a culture of health and safety for all Minnesotans by preventing gun violence
through research, legislation, education, and community investmen

Protect Minnesota is the ONLY independent, state-based organization devoted to gun violence prevention in Minnesota. We are a grassroots organization with a volunteer board of directors.

We are not anti-gun; we’re anti-gun violence. In the spirit of the Second Amendment, we believe gun ownership should be “well regulated.”  Passing sensible gun laws, like comprehensive criminal background checks and extreme risk protection orders, is an important first step.  At the same time, we know that trying to arrest our way out of the gun violence crisis won’t work. The solution is to invest in healthy communities by educating all Minnesotans about the dangers of careless gun ownership, identifying those individuals most at risk, providing comprehensive support and opportunities, and passing sensible laws to limit access to firearms by those who are a threat to themselves or others.

We have been working to prevent gun violence since 1991. We started out as Citizens for a Safer Minnesota — a coalition of 16 statewide medical, public health, law enforcement, social justice and faith groups. We passed the first law in the country preventing domestic abusers from purchasing guns, which later became the model for the national law, still in effect. In 2005, Citizens for a Safer Minnesota merged with Million Moms March Minnesota to create Protect Minnesota.

We are committed to the public health approach to gun violence, focusing on prevention through evidence-based solutions and modifying the behavior of populations. We have a researcher on staff and have established the Northstar Public Health Conference on Gun Violence to make up-to-date national and state-based research on gun violence available to professionals across the state. We also provide well-vetted public health research and information about gun violence to the public on this website under resources, HERE.

We formed the Interfaith Alliance for Gun Safety because faith communities working together are the most powerful agents for change in Minnesota. We also sponsor five other member action teams through which we organize and mobilize key statewide constituencies. We are the driving force behind the Northstar Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence, an emerging statewide coalition of organizations committed to working together to prevent gun deaths.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, we created Students Protect Minnesota to connect, support and empower students who have a passion for gun violence prevention to serve as leaders in their communities. To make sure voices of students of color were heard, Protect Minnesota raised nearly $38,000 to bring a group of students from North Minneapolis to Washington DC for the national March For Our Lives in March, 2018.  We were also the fiscal sponsor for other groups that traveled to DC, as well as the Minnesota March for our Lives in St. Paul.

We work in partnership with national gun violence prevention groups, including The Brady Campaign, Giffords, Sandy Hook Promise, Every Town for Gun Safety, and Moms Demand Action, but receive no funding or support from them. We helped create States United to Prevent Gun Violence to coordinate our work with other state-based, independent gun violence prevention groups.

We are a 501.c3 non-profit organization. Donations made to Protect Minnesota are tax deductible, and every dollar we raise here, stays here, to protect Minnesota. We also have an affiliated 501.c4 organization, the Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund, and the Protect Minnesota Political Action Fund. Find out more at Follow us on Twitter at @ProtectMN and like us on Facebook at Protect Minnesota.

We can be reached at 3500 Vicksburg Lane North, Suite 400-128, Plymouth, MN 55447. Our website is Our office phone number is 651-645-3271. Email: [email protected]

Protect Minnesota is a 501.c3 non-profit organization.
3500 Vicksburg Lane North, Suite 400-128, Plymouth, MN 55447

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