Letter to Congressman Eric Paulsen, June 29, 2016

The Honorable Eric Paulsen
250 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 230
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

June 29, 2016

Dear Congressman Paulsen,

Please accept this delivery of balls on behalf of your constituents and the people of Minnesota who hope to embolden you to do your job.

These colorful beach balls are a portion of nearly 100 that were signed by 2,000 visitors at Twin Cities Pride who also signed a petition demanding background checks before all gun purchases. They are a symbol of the 49 Americans who will never again enjoy fun in the sun in Orlando— and the 30,000 others who will die by gun shot in America this year. Each signer wanted to express his or her frustration with congressional inaction in response to the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

Congressman Paulsen, with the rest of the GOP majority you have stubbornly blocked votes on bills requiring comprehensive background checks and prohibiting terror suspects from purchasing firearms. This despite the fact that these common sense reform measures are supported by over 80% of Minnesotans, including huge majorities in your own district. We have to wonder whom you are seeking to benefit by refusing to allow these votes to go forward: certainly not the millions of Americans whose lives have been devastated by gun violence. Could it be that the “constituents” you actually care most about serving are the NRA and the gun industry, whose financial support you have long enjoyed?

Protect Minnesota hopes that by providing you with lots of balls, signed by lots of Minnesotans, you will gain the fortitude to go back to Washington DC and do your job. Whichever way you ultimately vote on these gun reform measures, the citizens living in your district have the right to know where you stand on comprehensive background checks and prohibiting terrorists to purchase guns before the election.

The time for “moments of silence” in remembrance of gun violence victims is over. The day of congressional obstructionism is past. If you really believe that your constituents share your allegiance to the gun lobby over and above the lives of innocent Americans, have the courage to demand a vote and vote your conscience. Prove to us that you are not afraid.

Have some balls, Congressman Paulsen.


Protect Minnesota

NOTE: Now in its 25th year, Protect Minnesota is the only independent, state-based gun violence prevention organization in Minnesota. A 501.c3 non-profit, it receives no funding from national gun violence prevention groups.


Protect Minnesota is a 501.c3 non-profit organization.
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