Gun violence has a price……..

by Nancy Bence

Gun violence has a price.  Not only for the victims.

(Below follows an article about former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak from the Minneapolis Star Tribune)

“Rybak rejected the advice that mayors should best be associated with bearing good news and decided that he would be on the scene whenever a young person died from gun violence. He wanted families to know that their children mattered, that the mayor would sit with them on their front steps or in the pews because they mattered.

He also knew that any note of false sincerity or a pat phrase would be rightly resented, so he’d take a moment to imagine himself in the same situation, if his family had suffered such tragedy.

Rybak recalled turning to City Council Member Don Samuels, after going to several funerals in two weeks. “Don,” he said, “in my mind I have killed my kids six times in the past two months.”

Then, one afternoon, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t do it anymore. In 2012, a disgruntled employee killed six people at Accent Printing, many of them people he’d met just six weeks earlier during a visit to the business. As he walked through the Accent parking lot back to his car, he knew that he could not run for a fourth term. As he wrote: “Accent was the final straw.” ”


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