2018 Legislative Session

Protect Minnesota supports the following bills currently pending at the state legislature.

SF1261/HF1669       |
Criminal Background Checks
CBC Bill Talking Points

We also support the new bi-partisan version of the Criminal Background Check bill,
SF3279 (No house version)
Criminal Background Checks (Little/Anderson/Jensen/Kent)
The same talking points apply to this bill.

Gun Violence Protective Orders (Latz/Pinto)
GVPO Bill Talking Points

Assault Weapon Minimum Age Bill  (Latz/Becker-Finn)
Assault Weapon Minimum Age Bill Talking Points

Firearm Data Collection for Research (Murphy/Klein)
Firearm Data Collection Bill Talking Points

Trauma-Informed Gun Violence Reduction Pilot Program  (Hayden/Lee)
Trauma-Informed Gun Violence Reduction Bill Talking points

Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Protection Act (Hayden/Lee)

Bump Stock Reclassification (Isaacson/Considine)

Bump Stock Reclassification  (Dibble/Moran)

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