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Four terrible pro-gun bills were introduced this session — two Permitless Carry bills, a Lifetime Permit to Carry bill, and Stand Your Ground. Fortunately, and NONE of them came to a floor vote– thanks to our committed volunteers!  Our full report on the 2017 Legislative Session is below.  All these bills will still be viable during the 2018 legislative session, so we’ll keep information available here.

Protect Minnesota’s Report on the 2017 Legislative Session

Dangerous gun lobby bills introduced in 2017:

Stand Your Ground bill (HF0238)

Talking points on the Stand Your Ground bill

A Statement on Stand Your Ground by Protect Minnesota’s Executive Director

Nash/Utke Permitless Carry bill (HF188/SF649)

Talking points on Nash/Utke Permitless Carry

Bahr/Utke Permitless Carry bill (HF309/SF605)

Cornish Lifetime Carry Permit for Handguns (HF469)


Three gun violence prevention bills were also introduced. Although they weren’t given a hearing and we don’t have much hope of succeeding in getting them passed any time soon, Protect Minnesota strongly supports these bills.

Criminal Background Check bill (HF1669)

Talking points on the Criminal Background Check bill

Gun Violence Protective Order bill (HF1605)

Talking points on the Gun Violence Protective Order bill

Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Prevention Act (HR1678)

For research and analysis related to current gun-related legislation:

Gun Death Rates and Permit to Carry Denials report
(Shows comparative gun death rates in states with Permitless Carry and Stand Your Ground, and analysis of permit to carry denials in Minnesota, 2006-2016)

To find parking at the Capitol:

Map of Capitol complex and parking

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